Israel Private Investigator Ability Guide


Israel Private Investigator Ability Guide

While they might make it seem easy to catch a criminal, there are actually a few things that private investigators can’t do.

Below is a list of some off their limitations, and some of their abilities too:

Private investigators in Israel can’t break the law

Well, a private investigator is not permitted to break the law. While they have special ways to get information, there are no provisions that grant a private investigator the ability to break the law. They might be able to crack cases that people can’t, but that doesn’t make them superhuman. As a matter of fact, the only thing that differentiates a PI from a normal person are the tools, resources and experience that they have  a  solving complex cases and getting valuable information.

Private investigators can’t hack into phones and computers

Although private investigators are able to go into public records in order to make personal and corporate enquirers, phones, computers and other electronic devices are protected under the provisions of the law (as well as some technical limitations).

When it comes to searching phones, Emails, social media profiles, and bank accounts, the only way to get through is to obtain permission from the owner.

A private investigator can follow someone in Israel for you

Surveillance presents a very effective means of getting the information that you need without running into any unwanted difficulties with the law. If you suspect a person of wrongful acts, a private investigator is able to put some surveillance on them and see if your suspicions are valid.

Usually, surveillance works by following a suspect, staking out their house, and monitoring other discernible actions.

However, stake outs can only be conducted on public property. If a PI is caught on private property and is asked to leave, they must oblige.

There is also mobile surveillance, where the PI follows the suspect around; to nefarious locations, meetings, etc.

Private investigators in Israel can find information online

While it brings less of a thrill, researching is another useful skill that private investigators employ in various cases.

Thanks to the access that investigators have to some records that ordinary people don’t, they have an ability to find out some things that others won’t be able to. Without leaving their computer, a private investigator will be able to access records like adoption records, criminal history, etc.


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