Insurance Investigations In Israel

Over the years, Israel Investigators investigations agency, has completed many complex insurance investigations, exposing those who tried to defraud insurance companies in order to unlawfully receive money. Some of our investigations involved Israelis who once lived abroad, came back to Israel, and sued their insurance companies. In many cases, the insurance company needs reliable information about the subject’s current activities in Israel.

These insurance claims are often submitted with false information, with the intent of defrauding the insurance companies. This is a problem not only for the company, but also for the rest of the population, as fraud causes premiums to skyrocket.

In the cases we investigated, most fabricated insurance claims involved staged car accidents, car thefts, recruitment of perjured witnesses, fraudulent work disabilities, and/or intentional damage to businesses – including staged burglaries, stolen contents, destroyed inventory, and so on.

Our office provides a professional and effective response to widespread incidences of insurance fraud in particular, and insurance investigations in general, for clients in Israel and overseas.

As part of our activity in the insurance field, we complete investigations of physical harm as a result of car accidents, assault, illness, work-related accidents, negligence, and other incidents. We also investigate property damage and asset claims as a result of burglaries, theft, and arson in businesses and homes, loss and damage to property, and claims in regard to traveler’s insurance when traveling overseas.

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