Covert Surveillance and investigatons in Israel

surveillance in israelAt Israel Investigators, our experienced surveillance team conducts thorough, precise covert operations throughout Israel and abroad. We work to eliminate and prevent threats of workplace violence, theft, and abuse, and also perform general surveillance as needed.

Our skilled Israeli investigators understand the challenges commonly faced when obtaining evidence in sensitive workplace investigations. We use cutting-edge technology and specialized techniques to lawfully gather critical information, enabling our clients to solve complex business problems. Our detailed surveillance reports include all photos and videos obtained during the course of the investigation.

Undercover Workplace Investigations

One of the most common types of employment fraud is theft and forgery. New businesses are more vulnerable to employment fraud, as they have newly hired staff and new, untested processes. We strongly recommend that business owners perform background checks and verify all references, as employment fraud can manifest in many forms. Most employers don’t know they’ve been deceived until it’s too late, but you can safeguard your business by watching for common signs.

At Israel Investigators, we are committed to helping you reduce exposure to liability, boost morale, and increase profits through thorough undercover investigations. Israeli organizations trust us to conduct sensitive investigations because we have a proven track record of diligence and problem-solving. We’re proud that most of our work comes from repeat clients and referrals.

Our Israeli investigators gather evidence on personnel who are suspected of stealing company property, doing illicit drugs, or sharing trade secrets. When appropriate, and upon our clients’ request, we may work in conjunction with law enforcement agencies to bring criminals to justice. In many cases, covert surveillance plays an integral role in the investigation.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, are facing a workplace issue, or just need general surveillance, Israel Investigators can help. Contact us for a free discreet consultation.