Brand Protection In Israel

Our brand protection and anti-counterfeit department strives to provide professional, personalized service in this demanding specialty. As no two cases are alike, we offer individualized investigations and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise, accurate results. Our agency conducts complex investigations inIsrael, the Israeli-occupied territories, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.

For brand protection and anti-counterfeit cases, we leverage market research specialists, intelligence experts, and custom investigation veterans. Combined, our experts have dozens of years of professional experience conducting cases of counterfeiting and intellectual property rights.

Counterfeiting is on the rise across all fields. Pinpointing and preventing counterfeiting is a high priority task, as some of the counterfeit products do not meet health and safety standards and can pose a threat to customers’ welfare.

Israel Investigators is highly experienced in the effective investigation of intellectual property violations. Our agents conduct undercover field activity to identify product-counterfeiting operations, and other unauthorized activities at the manufacturing, distribution, and retail levels. Our primary goal is to identify the violators and gather information regarding their sources and techniques.

When coordinating each brand protection and anti-counterfeit investigation, we work in conjunction with legal counsel, client representatives, law enforcement officers, and/or prosecutors.

The private investigators at Israel Investigators are very experienced in conducting:

Brand protection and intellectual property investigations

Profile and due diligence investigations on violators of brand rights

Tracing of assets and financial data for legal suits of violators

We can help you gather the knowledge you need by conducting an investigation in Israel and surroundings  on any individual or company.

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