Assets trace and economic investigation in Israel

In today’s widely fluctuating economy, we receive many requests from creditors, and from the lawyers who represent them, to do an economic investigation and to track down the assets and property of debtors, in Israel and around the globe.

We, at Israel investigators agency, also receive requests for economic investigations in relation to fraud cases. Aside from the criminal aspect, there is also the need to prosecute perpetrators in the civil channel, and to start the process of tracking down stolen assets that can be repossessed.

Within this targeted field, we conduct both full and budget-limited asset investigations  in Israel that track:

  • Real estate and property of those under investigation
  • Vehicles that are under their names and/or are in their possession
  • Debt collection files, legal claims, and information about bankruptcies
  • Banks associated with them
  • Income channels
  • Insurance rights

Most fraudulent debtors who are persecuted on a regular basis know all too well how to evade the law. They smuggle their assets to other countries, certify them in Israel under the names of relatives or associates, and use other unlawful tactics. We specialize in conducting investigations that help pinpoint debtors and reclaim their assets.

Our agency has strong ties with investigation agencies around the world that specialize in economic investigations. We leverage these connections to help locate assets that were smuggled overseas by debtors.

In certain situations, when ‘lifting the veil’ is needed, we will work tirelessly to acquire evidence that will help terminate the debtor’s bankruptcy process. In these cases, we will present the court with credible evidence that the individual has been knowingly hiding information about the assets he owns, and we will do everything in our power to expose those assets.

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