About Israel Investigators

About_Israel_InvestigatorsIsrael Investigators (israelinvestigators.com) is a subsidiary of Israeli investigations and intelligence agency D-Tect®. Located in Ramat Gan and Rishon Le Zion Israel, the agency provides various investigative services to individuals and businesses in Israel and abroad.

D-Tect®is one of the most experienced and leading investigation agencies in Israel.

Licensed by the Ministry of Justice to conduct private investigations inIsrael, our agency operates in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel with the intention of collecting credible evidence to present in Israeli courts of law.

We run our agency in a professional, ethical, and multi-disciplinary manner, with a focus on each client’s budget and timeline. For each case, we work in accordance with the highest professional standards in today’s industry.

With more than 20 years of experience in investigations and intelligence services, the director of the agency has worked for many years in international security, intelligence, and special investigations. Our team of private investigators and detectives has many years of investigative experience inIsraeland abroad, specializing in a variety of focused and specific cases. This allows us to provide investigative services in a wide range of fields, from standard, simple investigations to complex cases that require extensive, specific knowledge.

The investigations and intelligence business is a dynamic, constantly evolving industry. At Israel Investigations, we strive to approach each case with innovation and creativity to achieve the maximum results in the shortest amount of time. We place a high value on professionalism, reliability, and absolute discretion, as well as consistently courteous service. We serve a wide variety of clients, including senior lawyers in the fields of moral assets, debt collection, commercial mergers, and real estate, as well as leading global companies in the pharma field, consumer field, and many more.

Our agency works closely with information and intelligence agencies around the world, with the goal of providing the most comprehensive investigation services.

We provide investigation services to some of the biggest companies and establishments in Israel and abroad, including organizations, enterprises, law firms, non-profits, and private entities. Learn more about us on our Investigations Services In Israel. Our private investigators can assist you in conducting:

  • Surveillance in Israel 
  • People searches in Israel for lost love ones
  • Due diligence and tracing of assets
  • Comprehensive background and profile checks