Investigation Services in Israel

Top Quality Israeli Private Investigators at your service !

At Israel Investigators, we provide professional, detail-oriented, and versatile investigative and intelligence gathering services. Leveraging highly professional and experienced investigators, we are able to handle all types of investigative situations. The agency director, Benjamin M. Detact, is well-known in the investigations business, with more than 20 years of experience gathering information and leading complex investigations in Israel and abroad.

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Due Diligence investigations in Israel

proffesional due diligence serviceWhen entering into a business relationship or starting a litigation process, a Due Diligence investigation is often required. Your company must ensure that the prospective partner or plaintiff has the necessary capabilities, integrity, and stability.

At Israel Investigators, our intelligence and investigations personnel conduct Due Diligence checks in Israel and abroad. We perform complex due diligence investigations, companies and individuals profile checks and research to ensure the integrity of all types of business transactions.
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Assets trace and economic investigation in Israel

In today’s widely fluctuating economy, we receive many requests from creditors, and from the lawyers who represent them, to do an economic investigation and to track down the assets and property of debtors, in Israel and around the globe.

We also receive requests for economic investigations in relation to fraud cases. Aside from the criminal aspect, there is also the need to prosecute perpetrators in the civil channel, and to start the process of tracking down stolen assets that can be repossessed.
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Brand Protection In Israel

Our brand protection and anti-counterfeit department strives to provide professional, personalized service in this demanding specialty. As no two cases are alike, we offer individualized investigations and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise, accurate results. Our agency conducts complex investigations inIsrael, the Israeli-occupied territories, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia.

For brand protection and anti-counterfeit cases, we leverage market research specialists, intelligence experts, and custom investigation veterans. Combined, our experts have dozens of years of professional experience conducting cases of counterfeiting and intellectual property rights.
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Covert Surveillance and investigatons in Israel

surveillance in israelAt Israel Investigators, our experienced surveillance team conducts thorough, precise covert operations throughout Israel and abroad. We work to eliminate and prevent threats of workplace violence, theft, and abuse, and also perform general surveillance as needed.

Our skilled Israeli investigators understand the challenges commonly faced when obtaining evidence in sensitive workplace investigations. We use cutting-edge technology and specialized techniques to lawfully gather critical information, enabling our clients to solve complex business problems. Our detailed surveillance reports include all photos and videos obtained during the course of the investigation.
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Business Intelligence in Israel

bussiness intelligence in israelThe modern business world is highly competitive, with companies actively seeking quality business intelligence to rise to the forefront of their industries.

What is Business Intelligence?

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Insurance Investigations In Israel

Over the years, our office has completed many complex insurance investigations, exposing those who tried to defraud insurance companies in order to unlawfully receive money. Some of our investigations involved Israelis who once lived abroad, came back toIsrael, and sued their insurance companies. In many cases, the insurance company needs reliable information about the subject’s current activities in Israel.

These insurance claims are often submitted with false information, with the intent of defrauding the insurance companies. This is a problem not only for the company, but also for the rest of the population, as fraud causes premiums to skyrocket.
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